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The thing about me is that really I am such an optimist.  I can almost always find the little ray of hope in an otherwise dreary situation.  I look on the bright side, find the silver lining, give people the benefit of the doubt.  All that stuff.  Except now.  I have really been struggling these past few weeks as the developers strip the land more and more and leave us with less and less.  I wake up at 6:45am with huge vehicles idling outside my window before they can begin the loading and hauling and real racket at 7:00am.  I’ve lost all the trees that I so loved and my little private corner of the world has been opened up and exposed.  And I’m filled with so much disgust and anger at the indecency of it all.  I’ve been so focused on how unjust and unkind this company and this situation has been.  It’s a really uncomfortable place to be eddying when I’m used to finding something, anything to be hopeful about.

The thing about parenting though, is you pass your general view of the world on to your offspring without even trying.  So it’s my sweet little six year old who is soaking with optimism now.  He reminds me about the trees that we can plant, the nice neighbors that might move in, the fun we might have sledding should some of the sand hills remain.  It’s so touching even amidst my own fury and frustration and despair.

And so I sort of get myself reflected back to me.  It’s a reminder to push onward and continue to make the best of what is otherwise a pretty sucky situation.

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I’m giving it my best shot.

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birthday cookies 001One of my secret thrills is being the drive-by birthday faerie.  My brother-in-law had a birthday yesterday and so donning my wings (okay fine, they’re imaginary) and a cute little package of homemade oatmeal cherry chocolate-chip cookies (those were quite real and quite delicious), I sneakily planted the treats from the car window and peeled off in a shrieking cloud of exhaust.  Well, part of that is true anyway.birthday cookies 002 Technically, the drive-by birthday faerie broke a federal law by opening up someone else’s mailbox, although doubtful that the birthday boy will press charges.  The mailman; however, may give me a serious talking to.  Not to worry though, I have extra cookies on hand.

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Maine April 2009 (34)Over the last year or two, skully hat has served multiple purposes.  He keeps my boy’s head warm.  Quite obviously the main role of a hat.  He keeps Eli’s hair out of his face.  Helpful for a boy who refuses to have his hair cut short and yet won’t be caught dead in a ponytail.  And he looks cute.  Critical, but maybe only from a mama’s perspective.   It’s quite possible that I just knitted skully up real quick without a pattern since I have no recollection of one and I believe it took a year for Eli to grow into.  Yeah, I’m not so good at the measuring thing.    skully mittens 001

Well, skully hat got some friends today.  A pair of toasty skully mittens that don’t require a year for Eli to grow into.  I confess, I measured.  I used a vintage pattern that my Nana had passed on to me many years ago.  With Nana gone now, it was especially sweet to be working on a pattern that had her little notes and stitch counters scratched in the margins.

Skully hat’s skull and crossbones was embroidered on with yarn, but I decided on felt for the mittens.  I’m not particularly brilliant at embroidery and I’m madly in love with felt so it was an easy decision.

skully mittens 002 With frosty mornings for the past few days, my timing (for once) is spot on.  I think skully and friends are going to have some fun this season.

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