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I know the dilemma of how to get kids to eat their vegetables is nothing new.  There are millions of picky eaters out there.  I just never expected my kid to be one of them.  I’m a mama who has been known to eat kale for breakfast.  I’m in love with vegetables.  All of them.   Okay fine, turnips aren’t my most favorite, but I will still eat them.  Really it has felt like a not-very-funny joke that it’s my boy who won’t eat a single vegetable.

The past few years I’ve gotten very tricky about how I get his vegetables into him.  They get pureed and baked into just about everything (chocolate zucchini cake, anyone?).  They get made into pasta (sweet potato gnocchi is a bit hit around here).  And slipped into smoothies (it’s nothing short of miraculous that beets can go totally undetected in a berry smoothie).  But I’ve never lost the desire to see him actually nosh down something green in a form true to its own vegetal nature.

So you can surely share in my delight when I exclaim that Eli, as it turns out, is a forager by nature.  He will glad eat anything that is wild and edible.  Dandelion greens?  Check.  Violet and nasturtium blossoms.  Most definitely.  Herbs of any kind.  And now, thank my lucky stars, he’ll pick the mesclun that he planted in the garden early this spring and actually, you know, eat it.  Not in a salad or anything.  Heavens, no.  You can’t mix things all up like that, Mama.  But Eli will sit and eat, leaf by leaf, petal by petal, a dinner plate of freshly foraged green things.  Green things, people!  My son is eating green things!

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These breezy postcards were recently designed as save-the-date cards for my friend Lisa, a bold and brassy world traveler that I met in 5th grade Spanish class.  25 years later (yeah, we’re old…) and I can dust off some of that old Spanish now.  See that’s the beauty of having a friend as your client.  You actually get to attend the festivites .  Woohoo!

Lisa pretty much handed the design reigns over to me entirely for this project (a designer’s creative dream, really).  All she  requested was to convey a sense of the beautiful place where her wedding was to be held and to celebrate her & her finance’s love for travel.  And she wanted postcards.  No envelopes.  So I took that little bit of info ran with it.  Although I didn’t really have far to run.  Lisa & John had taken a save-the-date beach shot when they were in Troncones on an earlier trip and that naturally served as the perfect snapshot for the postcard front.  The postcard then became a jazzed up version of a traditional postcard (and what really celebrates a love for world travel more than a postcard anyway?) with just a bit of color thrown in for punch.

I’m really loving the result (although not nearly as much as I’m going to love a warm Mexican beach in December…).

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