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6.  Lemonade stands.  Or smoothie stands as the case may be here.  The hustle and bustle of a bunch of busy little entrepreneurs readying for their first sale is as refreshing to me as the “nice refreshing ice cold smoothie” itself.

They made $6 and change today and are working on their logo tonight before re-opening in the morning with renewed vigor and a marketing plan.  Love it.

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5.  Rolling down grassy hillsides…

and climbing back up to do it all over again. And again.  And again.

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4.  Eating flowers every night.

Nasturtiums add such peppery zip to our salads, but really it’s the color that I love.  And, well, the delicacy of it.  It feels so fresh and fancy to be eating flowers.  We have lots of other lovely flowering edibles abounding in our yard as well… violets, rose petals, herb blossoms.  Our salads can be a confetti of color.  Oh, the abundance of summer!  Not only do we have all those delicious greens, leafy and ready for our consumption, but we can decorate them.  With flowers.  Yes.  Oh, yes.

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2. Overflowing window boxes.  Climbing up, spilling over the sides, a variety of color and texture, flowers and foliage.  I like to cram them full and admire the overflow all summer long.

3.  Ice cream.  Obviously.  And even better when eaten at our favorite farm.

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100 things I love about summer is a hail to my favorite season of all.  The warmest, greenest, fruitiest months of the year.   It’s a celebratory list that I plan to add to bit by bit all summer long as a way of cherishing the goodness that I so love.  And, I think, it will provide a nice little refuge for me to return to when the colder months inch back in.  A shiny summer memory can go a long way…1. The sweetness of strawberry season.

Besides being red and beautiful and sweet and perfect for topping on everything I eat with a spoon, strawberries spur the beginning of a new season of preserving.  Our pantry shelf is now just a little bit fuller as we stack it with just-made jam.

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{this moment}

…taking inspiration from SouleMama in celebrating {this moment}.    There are no words to this Friday ritual.  Just a sweet and simple moment from the week to remember, cherish and absorb just a little bit longer.

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