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Happy New Year, lovelies!  I’m always good for a fresh new start!

I spent New Year’s Day clipping and snipping up old calendars of years gone by (including Nikki McClure’s fabulous 2010 calendar which was so very loved all year) and turning them into envelopes that will jazz up my correspondence for some months to come.  What a lucky little pen pal I have.  In fact, it was my pen pal who inspired this venture.  Becca sent me a series of calendar envelopes early last year and they were so much fun to receive.  It turns out they’re really fun to make too.  It’s like some kind of wonderful alchemy to turn one fully functional thing into another.  It’s out with the old and in with the new all with the same materials.  So resourceful, don’t you agree?

I used envelope templates from Paper Source that I’ve had kicking around here for a long time.  But you could just as easily make templates out of any old envelope that you have on hand.  It’s a simple job of tracing, cutting, folding and gluing.

Here’s to a new year filled with enticing adventures, delicious occasions, creative undertakings and lots of satisfying correspondence!

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My friend Lisa got married this past weekend on a sunny beach in Mexico.  Sadly, I was not able to be there in person, though I did have the delight of making her wedding invitations.

Lisa wanted to continue on with the travel theme that had permeated her save the dates and shower invitations and mused with me over the idea of them resembling passport or boarding passes.   I  decided to give the boarding passes a go.  A web search informed me that not only had they been done before, boarding pass invitations were a well established thing for destination weddings.  I was sort of bummed about that.  It’s always nice to feel that your approach is innovative, you know?  But I soothed myself with the knowledge that boarding pass invitations had never been done by me and this was a nice opportunity to take a popular idea and make it fresh, unique and related to my friend’s established wedding theme.  I like the opportunity to rise to a challenge.

The sunset-beach-with-palm-trees design made its way into all of Lisa’s invitations in one form or another.  We kept the same color scheme and fonts throughout each piece.  In the end, each part was unique unto itself, but fit nicely into a collection.

I might not have been at the wedding in the flesh, but a whole lot of me was fused into these invitations.   Somehow that eases the sting of the December wind on my face while my childhood friend celebrates a new beginning within the rich, warm air of Mexico.

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Last spring, I worked on my friend Lisa’s save the date postcards for her destination wedding in Mexico this coming December.  Over the summer, her sister asked me to design the invitations for a wine-tasting shower in Lisa’s honor.  We wanted to continue on with the color palette and theme that had already been established, but to net something fresh and unique and appropriate for the occasion.   Lisa’s sister wanted guests to fill out recipe cards (one a food recipe and another a “recipe for a happy marriage”) and return them with the RSVP card.  I designed it so that the cards easily tear off  (gotta love that perforating blade attachment on my rotary cutter) from the invitation.  I love the little bits that tear off.  It’s obviously a very practical, utilitarian feature but it’s also fun.  Isn’t it always so satisfying to tear something at the dotted line?

For the images, inspiration took over and Lisa’s love of wine and travel merged  pretty effortlessly.  Wine glasses became full of the sea at sunset.  Mmm.  Wine and sea.  Now that’s a combination that’s hard to beat.

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I finally got Soren’s announcements out in the mail!  I had so much fun designing these… when a designer designs for herself is when the fun really begins.  The freedom to do whatever I want is so exhilarating!

To announce the arrival of our sweet Soren, I wanted to emphasize his colorful nature.  I was drawn to wearing so much color during my pregnancy.  It was such a bright and cheery change from my usual white, brown and black kind of palette that I was sure it was the little baby that I was growing influencing me.  I particularly loved wearing aqua and turquoise (colors that I had not worn in at least 15 years!).  So the idea of color evolved into the paint swatch announcement you see here.  Jeff, Eli and I all picked our colors (the paint ID numbers are our initials and birth years) based on colors and things we love… Jeff became Sunset Shiraz, Eli picked Hot Rod Flame and I chose Flaxen Summer.  Soren’s color, Turquoise Thunder, honors the roots of his name related to Thor, the God of Thunder.

I love how all our colors are so different, yet the palette works really well together.  The contrast is really refreshing, just like my evolving life with a house full of boys…

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Any birthday is special in my book.  But isn’t it exponentially more special when the numbers match up (okay, we all know I have a thing for matching…)?  Eli is turning the lucky number 7 on August 7th this year and we are prepared to whoop it up for this fabulous, fun-loving little man.  Whether we visit the zoo or partake in more underwater adventures, you can be sure today will be filled with laughter and silliness and okay fine, plenty of sugar.

What good is a birthday without the sugar, anyway?

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Sister Erica is pregnant with her first baby and due in early September.  We recently threw her a woodland-themed baby shower.I designed a little woodland animals line and set to work with all the paper goods for the party.  These cupcake toppers were the perfect size for topping little tea sandwiches and mini-cupcakes.Guests could choose from one of four designs (or take one of each as I made up a whole bunch!) of bookmarks to take home as a little party favor.For Erica, I made up three sets of woodland thank you notes.  We wanted guests to be able to do something a little crafty while at the party.  So naturally onesie-decorating was a good bet.  I enlarged my slew of woodland animals and cut out cardstock stencils of each.  I was concerned that they might not hold up over many uses, but they turned out just fine and the finished products were so darling.It was a sweet little gathering with plenty of iced tea and cucumber sandwiches and earl grey cupcakes to boot.  Erica was showered with woodland animals in a myriad of forms and her baby’s nursery will surely be a woodsy and magical little haven.

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There are occasions when a lot of custom cards are called for all at once.  Father’s Day is one of these.  I’ve discovered that it’s easiest to pick a theme and then mess around with it to arrive at a bunch of unique variations without spending hours entrenched in the designing process.  With Father’s Day cards for my own dad, the dad of my little guy and my guy’s grandfathers all on my plate, this was certainly the occasion to employ such a technique.  I picked an oceany theme (shocking for me, I know) and kept within the same color palette for each card (that way I could work from one bunch of envelopes, see?).  It was easy and fun and yet the end products all remain special unto themselves.  The best of all worlds.  For the best of all dads.

Wishing a wonderful weekend and a very happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there!

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