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I saw these super-cute little acorn ornaments in a magazine and wanted them right away.  So it was particularly auspicious that I had both a tin of little felted balls and a berry basket full of acorn caps sitting on my desk.  These little cuties are going to really dress up our Christmas tree this year!

If you want to make your own acorn ornaments, all I did was hammer a nail through the acorn cap to make a hole for some 1/4″ satin ribbon.  Then I used my trusty glue gun to glue in the ends of the ribbon.  Another little squeeze of glue and I fit the felt ball right into the cap.  That’s it.  And if you’re not up for any acorn fun right now but would still love some of these, never fear.  I’ve seen them all over Etsy.  Check out these shops for similar cuties:  Fairy Folk, Green Baboon, and kbuchheit to name just a few.

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