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The birthdays of my chirpy pen pal and my littlest sis are both part of the occasion-filled month of June that keeps me very much on my toes.  Knowing that both women are avid journal-keepers (and knowing that sister Eliza already told me that not only did she want her own strawberry-covered journal, but that everyone else in the world would want their own handmade book too), I set to work.Each book is filled to the brim with a happy combination of paper from old ledgers, grade books of classrooms past, decorative paper, graph paper and good old drawing paper.  It makes for a really delicious variety.  Gridded paper for those left-brained days and blank paper for those right-brained days and enough color and pizazz for hopefully everything in between.

I love that these books flow from whatever is dominating my scrap paper drawer at the moment.  I always seem to have just enough of something to pull an album out of it.  The cover and spine boards were made from postal boxes and are of a thickness that is both sturdy enough to hold up and easy enough to cut and work with.

Each album I make feels so special.  They feel so good in my hands that I always have to hold them for awhile before I’m ready to wrap them up and ship them off.  I admit that there’s a little (okay fine, maybe bigger than that) piece of me that wants to keep each book I make.  All I have to do though, is think about all the beautiful female recipients of my creative album-making endeavors thus far, and I’m instantly ready to let them go.

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IMG_2587This screw-post album-making would have made a nice tutorial, but I didn’t really think of it until after the fact. This is the one shot I took of the cover boards, but it was after I already cut and covered them.  Next time, okay?  It really is a relatively easy project, although it does take some time.  After my big photo album project, I had some leftover book cloth, my bookbinding adhesives were still out and my brush was still wet, so…jessica's album 003I put this album together for my blue-loving friend Jessica.  It’s a book  for her  “journaling, musing, scribbling, sketching and general pondering of the human sort”.  But really, whatever she wants to do with it is just fine with me.  jessica's album 001I filled the book with an assortment of papers.  There is some plain drawing  paper, some blue text weight paper and (my favorite) some graph paper.  I was excited about the combination.  It felt special.jessica's album 004When Jessica opened up her book, she said, “I really need this!”  And I thought, I think we all do.  A special book that invites us to come in, to bare something, unload something, discover something, create something, divine something, explore something, revolutionize something….

Mmm… maybe Heather’s Book will be coming next.

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