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While at 18 months old, my own baby is hardly a baby anymore, I am comforted by the fact that others keep reproducing.  There is no shortage of babies to love.  And maybe just as importantly, there is no shortage of babies to make for.

Baby Fiona is the newest and cutest little muse of mine.  As the new baby of a close friend, I have been itching to shower her with some handmade baby love.

Anna Maria Horner’s Cute-as-a-Button Booties from Handmade Beginnings seemed the best way to utilize the scraps of an accidentally, ahem, felted sweater.    My hope is that next year when she’s scooting around, this winter baby will have some warm and woolly goodness to protect those sweet little toes.

I couldn’t make sweater slippers for just anyone.  Some I know might find it a little, gross maybe?, that the fabric of these small shoes is used.  But I love the idea of upcycling.  I love that I can take something that I wore and loved and make it freshly into something that my newest little friend will wear (and hopefully love).  It’s giving something another go-around.  A sweater gets a brand new life as a pair of baby booties.  That’s reincarnation at it’s best, I think.

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There have been a lot of baby booties passing through this way.  I’ve been continually inspired by Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings book, but I think it is her Cute-as-a-Button Booties that has been the most loved pattern so far.  It’s such a thrifty thrill to be able to use up those little scraps of fabric left over from larger projects and watch them add up to a marvelous little set of baby footwear all ready for gifting.  Some have been given away and some will remain for my own little-one-to-be.  Regardless of whose tiny feet they adorn, these booties are sweet and practical and sure to be cherished long after those little toes have grown.

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