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The babies are on the way!  This summer will yield two little nieces or nephews as well as a new little boy babe of our own.  As my belly grows rounder by the day, my knitting fingers are itchy to get to work.  This little work-in-progress may or may not produce a masterpiece (I’ve already had to rip it twice and now it’s politely on hold while I work another sweater in the meantime).

I was recently browsing through some images of baby sweaters past and was tickled all over again by the sweetness of those sweaters and the babes they went to- some who are almost five now!  I do so love the felt applique, don’t I?  I’m excited to see what little felt delights await my current projects…

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felt flowers 4felt flowers 3felt flowers 1I love working with felt.  It’s so warm and so easy.  None of those  fraying edges to worry about.  Usually I simply cut it into various shapes and sew them onto garments that I’ve knit. However, I just happened to glance at this book in the craft store and it inspired me to embroider the felt a bit for some added texture and interest.  For someone who’s not exceptionally brilliant with a sewing machine, I found this a remarkably lovely activity.  Although it should be said that the way to enjoy this activity is to sew your shapes before cutting them out.  It is considerably less fun to be worried about your fingers as you feed an itty bitty scrap of felt into the machine and try to actually see what you’re doing at the same time.

After  cutting out the petals, I layered them onto one another and sewed them together.  Then it was easy as pie to sew the whole thing right onto the sweater itself.  It came out pretty cute, I think.

baby sweater 4baby sweater 2baby sweater 3baby sweater 6baby sweater 7This ballerina-wrap sweater is a gift for a new little niece of mine.  The pattern is from Zoe Mellor’s Adorable Knits for Tots.  It was a fun little sweater to knit up, a nice deviation from the usual roll-neck crew sweaters that are  my old standby for the new little ones.  The amount of time I spent making this; however,  is completely disproportionate to the amount of time she will actually be able to wear this sweater.  But it’s always a bit more for the love of the project than it is for their practical purposes, isn’t it?

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