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The spring garden was planted several weeks ago now when the trees were still bare and the air was cool.  We reap so much fruit and veggie goodness from our weekly CSA boxes (starting in June) that our goal with our little home vegetable plot is plant what we don’t get in our boxes or anything that we want more of.  This year’s spring crops include carrots of different colors (Dragon and Yellowstone varieties, both new to us this year.  We’re so excited about red and yellow carrots!), bunching onions, snap peas, mesclun and watermelon radishes (cannot wait for those!).

Growing things, growing food is such a satisfying yearly ritual.  Our tiny little garden in our tiny little yard yields us such a tremendous amount of joy.  It hardly seems proportional.  And the joy has already begun…

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My six-year-old has this word delishum.  It’s his little hybrid of delicious and yum that he reserves as the highest form of food praise.  He’d hardly touch radish pâté with a ten foot pole let alone use the holiest of words to describe it,  but this springy mix of fresh chives, carrots and radishes is where it’s at for me right now.My little garden is bursting forth with tender shoots of chives, so naturally they’ve been making their way into our springtime meals.  A simple dice of carrots and radishes mixed up with some chopped chives, a touch of mayo, Dijon mustard and salt and pepper and you’ve got an easy little pâté to put on anything your heart desires.  Or to eat right out of the bowl which I am so fond of doing.Radish pâté makes a great little filling for sandwiches and a tasty addition to quesadillas.  It’s spunky and fresh and way easier than pie.  It’s totally delishum.

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