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IMG_2941IMG_2800IMG_2939IMG_2947IMG_3255IMG_2903IMG_3168IMG_2801August.  The ripening of  corn and tomatoes.  The overlapping of blueberries and peaches.  Outdoor cooking and eating.  Gatherings of good people and good food.  Steamy days and then nights spent sleeping on top of the sheets.   Diving down to reach the cold spots in favorite swimming holes.  The icy chill of the Maine sea.  Trailside picnics.  Paddling among the loons.    Wintergreen and low-bush cranberry.  Tidepools.  Tufts of sea lavender.

My most cherished month of the year.  I will miss you, abundant August.  But I have a few more weeks of barefoot freedom and a few more dips in the ocean yet before my lungs fill up entirely with the high, crisp, expansive air of autumn.

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Thank you, July, for being the force that turned a cool & rainy June into summer.  Thank you for the abundance of color and the presence of countless little buzzing, flying, flapping friends that dart in between the moments of our days.  Thank you for freckles and blueberries and popsicles on porch steps.  Thank you for hydrangeas the size of my face.  Thank you for lantern-filled nights and dinners al fresco.  And thank you, oh thank you, for the waves and sand and the salty skin of one who has  spent the entire glorious day by the sea.

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