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I always get really excited to make valentines for Eli to exchange at school.  These sweet little valentines first got their start when Eli was in preschool.  My octopus and fishy valentines have been around the block now and this year, with Eli in second grade and all, it was time for some fresh new faces.  Thus the Rock Star valentines were born.   Owl, Rain or Shine and Dinosaur valentines quickly followed and have kept my little shop busy for the last few weeks.

The honest truth of it is that my son doesn’t care a whole lot about what his valentines look like.  He even reminded me that his classroom valentine exchange is optional.  Maybe optional if your mom is not a card designer.  There’s no way my boy is going to school without some handmade valentines in his backpack!  I only have so many years to enjoy this….  That said, Eli was more than satisfied with the whole rock star design.  Electric guitars, amplifiers, not too much red or pink.  You know, it’s cool.  And that’s good enough for this mama.

Exchanging valentines is fun, but I suspect that the goodies that come along with commercial valentines these days are the main event. Last year when I looked through Eli’s paper bag stuffed full of little cards, do you know that the majority of them had something attached to them?  Pencils, lollipops and (I’ll try to suppress my gasps of horror) these packets full of sugar.   It’s hard for a handmade valentine to top a packet full of artificially colored sugar, no?  Still, I think it’s entirely possible that some young eyes might find a colorful valentine card sprinkled with little hearts inside a translucent envelope a refreshing change.  Even sans sugar.

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