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Oh my do we have an abundance of chives!  We inherited all this chivey goodness from our home’s previous owners who filled, it seems, any available space with chives.  The benefits to us are many.  We’ve been able to add this zippy little allium to salads and slaws and marinades all spring and summer.  The wall of pungency that the chives make up along the edges of our vegetable garden no doubt are one of the primary reasons our vegetables remain relatively insect-free.  And, as I discovered last year, chive vinegar makes up just about the prettiest little kitchen gift you can muster (and mixed with a little olive oil, salt & pepper, it makes a very fine salad dressing).

This year, Jeff’s stepmom blessed me with bottles!  She saved up a whole bunch of  bottles from her fancy specialty vinegar and offered them up to me.  I was overjoyed.  The graceful long-necked bottles make up an even prettier batch of vinegar than last year.

I so love that this punchy, pretty vinegar is becoming a annual tradition!  It’s just one more glorious way to celebrate the season.

*A total anecdotal side note:  Just recently, after a pretty heavy-handed cold I wound up with a whopper of an earache.  Trying to avoid a course of antibiotics I looked into natural remedies for ear infections.  It turns out that I had the very best remedy right there in my kitchen all freshly made!  A 50/50 ratio of chive vinegar and water made up the perfect ear drop solution.  The mixture helped the hurt instantly and now after a few days of treatment, my ear is back to its shiny little self!

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My six-year-old has this word delishum.  It’s his little hybrid of delicious and yum that he reserves as the highest form of food praise.  He’d hardly touch radish pâté with a ten foot pole let alone use the holiest of words to describe it,  but this springy mix of fresh chives, carrots and radishes is where it’s at for me right now.My little garden is bursting forth with tender shoots of chives, so naturally they’ve been making their way into our springtime meals.  A simple dice of carrots and radishes mixed up with some chopped chives, a touch of mayo, Dijon mustard and salt and pepper and you’ve got an easy little pâté to put on anything your heart desires.  Or to eat right out of the bowl which I am so fond of doing.Radish pâté makes a great little filling for sandwiches and a tasty addition to quesadillas.  It’s spunky and fresh and way easier than pie.  It’s totally delishum.

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chive vinegar 4chive vinegar 1chive vinegar 5chive vinegar 7chive vinegar 2Pungent, but so pretty, these vinegars were  a delight to make.  I gathered up chive blossoms in abundance along with bits of purple and varigated sage for the first batch.  I cooked up the vinegar to near boiling and then poured it into  jars stuffed with the beautiful blossoms and herbs.  The next batch became nasturtium-thyme.  My nasturtiums this year are the heirloom variety ‘Alaska’.  The plants bubble over their pretty varigated foliage with red, orange and yellow blooms.  I love how the different colors of the blossoms infuse the vinegar with varying levels of peach, orange and red.  Together the bottles all look like the most gorgeous sunset.

I made up some tags, tied them on with ribbon, and now these dashing vinegars are ready to give as hostess gifts at this party or that bbq throughout the summer.

Oh, and they taste really good.  As far as vinegars go, you know.  They’ll make  worthy and punchy contributions to plenty of marinades and dressings.

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