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It was Eli’s idea.  I confess that I had just thrown a bunch of old crayons and broken crayon bits into the trash when he said, “Mama, don’t throw these away!  We can make new crayons out of them!”  I really wasn’t trying to be wasteful.  It’s just that you can reach of saturation point of broken yellow crayon nibs.  And when those broken nibs are so plentiful that they prevent you from actually closing the lid to the crayons’ home, that’s when a Mama might be led to take such drastic measures.

But Eli saved the day (and a whole lot of crayon bits) with his suggestion and thus began a really happy  activity of recycling those old broken crayons into fabulous new colors.After the old crayons were peeled and chopped, we had the super fun job of mixing the little bits into their new color palettes. We lined a mini muffin pan with cupcake liners (lucky that I happened to have some on hand as I really didn’t want to devote an entire muffin tray to crayon making forever).   We baked them in the oven (175 degrees or so) until they were nice and melty (maybe about 25 minutes) and then took them out to cool.Then we naturally got right to work testing them out.  After doing a full color test of all our new crayons, Eli named every one with sweet little names like “green river” and “sunrise” and “cloudless sky.”

If you have a jar full of broken crayon bits and might be in need of a little cloudless sky yourself, here’s the speedy breakdown of the crayon-recycling process.

You need:   A knife, a  muffin pan and some cupcake liners (I recommend doubling up the liners to protect your pan from any wax that might seep through).

Then all you do is:  Peel off any crayon wrappers, chop up those crayons into smallish bits and layer them about an inch thick in the muffin cups.  Bake in the oven at 150-200 degrees until the bits have turned all melty.  Remove from oven and let cool.  Then bust out the paper and get to work!

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