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I bought this lovely fabric last summer.  It was a 1 1/2 yard remnant and I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  Maybe make a dress for my niece.  Maybe make a skirt for myself.  Who knew?  I just knew that I wanted those colors and that pattern.  I can’t remember who manufactures the fabric, but you’ll forgive me as I still have baby brain.  Soren isn’t quite 3 months old yet.

Anywho.  As you can see, the fabric wound up giving our bedroom a nice little pick-me-up.  It is so amazing how such a small amount of fabric can change everything!  For the north facing window,  I cut up the bland old white curtain that had been hanging there lifelessly for five years.   A snip-snip of my scissors and a little whirrr of my sewing machine and that dull curtain became a jazzy little valance.  Next the south facing windows got some little fabric embellishments of their own.  It was just enough to make them look fresh and add a pop of color, but not so much that it was a pain-in-the-butt to do.  Au contraire.  This was such a quick and easy little bedroom makeover.

After the perky curtains came, what else?  Pillows.  Using the old clipped up curtain, the remaining fabric scraps and some pink lining left over from quilt-making, I happily arrived at 3 new pillows.  The pillows are great for all the usual things a pillow is good for:   the lounging and the leg support and the cushy-factor, but Soren especially likes them for tummy time.

It’s always so refreshing when a thrifty little venture yields such satisfying results!

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