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It’s been mighty quiet on this here blog of mine.  Meanwhile, it’s been a blur of designing and cutting and scoring and readying over in this here studio of mine.

Last week left me with the satisfaction of having completed two big work projects.  The first being this wonderful 50 page photo album for my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday.  The second being a small show in which I was a vendor and we can just leave that one for another post, can’t we?  (Yes we can, especially when I’m averaging one post every other week).

Chip’s album was commissioned by Jef’f’s Dad, who supplied me with a comprehensive 75-photo stack to chronicle some of the highlights of Chip’s 40 years on planet Earth.  It was my job to then mat and crop each photo, add captions to some, put it all together in some logical format, bind it all together and exercise good editing all the while.  It felt like a big undertaking with a busy 7 month old alongside me.  But great undertakings allow for great satisfaction once they are completed, don’t they?

I don’t like my albums to be too scrapbook-y.  I think simple is best when making something to hopefully last for years and years to come.  Yet, it is nice to have a little fun with colors and patterns and text.  Just enough to make it special.

I always find that making albums like these for family members is such a rewarding process.  I get to construct a small chronicle of their lives and immerse myself in all the fun and emotion that each photo conjures up.  Chip has been such a big part of our lives that I found much of my family scattered throughout the pages of this book.  It reminded me of just how very rich I am with the love and presence of warm, funny, generous, good people.  A rewarding process, indeed.

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