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My friend Lisa got married this past weekend on a sunny beach in Mexico.  Sadly, I was not able to be there in person, though I did have the delight of making her wedding invitations.

Lisa wanted to continue on with the travel theme that had permeated her save the dates and shower invitations and mused with me over the idea of them resembling passport or boarding passes.   I  decided to give the boarding passes a go.  A web search informed me that not only had they been done before, boarding pass invitations were a well established thing for destination weddings.  I was sort of bummed about that.  It’s always nice to feel that your approach is innovative, you know?  But I soothed myself with the knowledge that boarding pass invitations had never been done by me and this was a nice opportunity to take a popular idea and make it fresh, unique and related to my friend’s established wedding theme.  I like the opportunity to rise to a challenge.

The sunset-beach-with-palm-trees design made its way into all of Lisa’s invitations in one form or another.  We kept the same color scheme and fonts throughout each piece.  In the end, each part was unique unto itself, but fit nicely into a collection.

I might not have been at the wedding in the flesh, but a whole lot of me was fused into these invitations.   Somehow that eases the sting of the December wind on my face while my childhood friend celebrates a new beginning within the rich, warm air of Mexico.

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Last spring, I worked on my friend Lisa’s save the date postcards for her destination wedding in Mexico this coming December.  Over the summer, her sister asked me to design the invitations for a wine-tasting shower in Lisa’s honor.  We wanted to continue on with the color palette and theme that had already been established, but to net something fresh and unique and appropriate for the occasion.   Lisa’s sister wanted guests to fill out recipe cards (one a food recipe and another a “recipe for a happy marriage”) and return them with the RSVP card.  I designed it so that the cards easily tear off  (gotta love that perforating blade attachment on my rotary cutter) from the invitation.  I love the little bits that tear off.  It’s obviously a very practical, utilitarian feature but it’s also fun.  Isn’t it always so satisfying to tear something at the dotted line?

For the images, inspiration took over and Lisa’s love of wine and travel merged  pretty effortlessly.  Wine glasses became full of the sea at sunset.  Mmm.  Wine and sea.  Now that’s a combination that’s hard to beat.

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These breezy postcards were recently designed as save-the-date cards for my friend Lisa, a bold and brassy world traveler that I met in 5th grade Spanish class.  25 years later (yeah, we’re old…) and I can dust off some of that old Spanish now.  See that’s the beauty of having a friend as your client.  You actually get to attend the festivites .  Woohoo!

Lisa pretty much handed the design reigns over to me entirely for this project (a designer’s creative dream, really).  All she  requested was to convey a sense of the beautiful place where her wedding was to be held and to celebrate her & her finance’s love for travel.  And she wanted postcards.  No envelopes.  So I took that little bit of info ran with it.  Although I didn’t really have far to run.  Lisa & John had taken a save-the-date beach shot when they were in Troncones on an earlier trip and that naturally served as the perfect snapshot for the postcard front.  The postcard then became a jazzed up version of a traditional postcard (and what really celebrates a love for world travel more than a postcard anyway?) with just a bit of color thrown in for punch.

I’m really loving the result (although not nearly as much as I’m going to love a warm Mexican beach in December…).

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