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56.  August birthday boys.

August is a celebratory month around here as both my boys have August birthdays.  Eli turned 8 on the 7th and TODAY our little Soren turns ONE!  It’s been a summer of so much goodness already and parties with cake and laughter certainly top the list.  Here’s to a whole new cycle around the sun for both my beautiful boys…

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It’s been mighty quiet on this here blog of mine.  Meanwhile, it’s been a blur of designing and cutting and scoring and readying over in this here studio of mine.

Last week left me with the satisfaction of having completed two big work projects.  The first being this wonderful 50 page photo album for my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday.  The second being a small show in which I was a vendor and we can just leave that one for another post, can’t we?  (Yes we can, especially when I’m averaging one post every other week).

Chip’s album was commissioned by Jef’f’s Dad, who supplied me with a comprehensive 75-photo stack to chronicle some of the highlights of Chip’s 40 years on planet Earth.  It was my job to then mat and crop each photo, add captions to some, put it all together in some logical format, bind it all together and exercise good editing all the while.  It felt like a big undertaking with a busy 7 month old alongside me.  But great undertakings allow for great satisfaction once they are completed, don’t they?

I don’t like my albums to be too scrapbook-y.  I think simple is best when making something to hopefully last for years and years to come.  Yet, it is nice to have a little fun with colors and patterns and text.  Just enough to make it special.

I always find that making albums like these for family members is such a rewarding process.  I get to construct a small chronicle of their lives and immerse myself in all the fun and emotion that each photo conjures up.  Chip has been such a big part of our lives that I found much of my family scattered throughout the pages of this book.  It reminded me of just how very rich I am with the love and presence of warm, funny, generous, good people.  A rewarding process, indeed.

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{this moment}

…taking inspiration from SouleMama in celebrating {this moment}.    There are no words to this Friday ritual.  Just a sweet and simple moment from the week to remember, cherish and absorb just a little bit longer.

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I finally got Soren’s announcements out in the mail!  I had so much fun designing these… when a designer designs for herself is when the fun really begins.  The freedom to do whatever I want is so exhilarating!

To announce the arrival of our sweet Soren, I wanted to emphasize his colorful nature.  I was drawn to wearing so much color during my pregnancy.  It was such a bright and cheery change from my usual white, brown and black kind of palette that I was sure it was the little baby that I was growing influencing me.  I particularly loved wearing aqua and turquoise (colors that I had not worn in at least 15 years!).  So the idea of color evolved into the paint swatch announcement you see here.  Jeff, Eli and I all picked our colors (the paint ID numbers are our initials and birth years) based on colors and things we love… Jeff became Sunset Shiraz, Eli picked Hot Rod Flame and I chose Flaxen Summer.  Soren’s color, Turquoise Thunder, honors the roots of his name related to Thor, the God of Thunder.

I love how all our colors are so different, yet the palette works really well together.  The contrast is really refreshing, just like my evolving life with a house full of boys…

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welcome soren

Almost two weeks past his due date, our little boy made his entrance into the world.  We welcomed Soren August Azano-Brown into the world and into our hearts on August 25, 2010 at 11:17pm after a short and truly lovely birth.  Soren weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz and surprised us with a full head of red hair and bright blue eyes.  He’s a sweet, sweet little guy with elf-like ears, wrinkly feet and the most delicious cheeks imaginable.  We’re in love….

Just two weeks after Soren’s arrival and we are all transitioning nicely into our little family of four.  There are fragile moments to be sure, but generally life feels particularly precious as we soak up these early and fleeting days of soft baby smells and tiny tiny toes.  All is so well.

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Any birthday is special in my book.  But isn’t it exponentially more special when the numbers match up (okay, we all know I have a thing for matching…)?  Eli is turning the lucky number 7 on August 7th this year and we are prepared to whoop it up for this fabulous, fun-loving little man.  Whether we visit the zoo or partake in more underwater adventures, you can be sure today will be filled with laughter and silliness and okay fine, plenty of sugar.

What good is a birthday without the sugar, anyway?

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IMG_2941IMG_2800IMG_2939IMG_2947IMG_3255IMG_2903IMG_3168IMG_2801August.  The ripening of  corn and tomatoes.  The overlapping of blueberries and peaches.  Outdoor cooking and eating.  Gatherings of good people and good food.  Steamy days and then nights spent sleeping on top of the sheets.   Diving down to reach the cold spots in favorite swimming holes.  The icy chill of the Maine sea.  Trailside picnics.  Paddling among the loons.    Wintergreen and low-bush cranberry.  Tidepools.  Tufts of sea lavender.

My most cherished month of the year.  I will miss you, abundant August.  But I have a few more weeks of barefoot freedom and a few more dips in the ocean yet before my lungs fill up entirely with the high, crisp, expansive air of autumn.

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ten years ago today

But how did you come burning down like a

wild needle, knowing

just where my heart was?

-Mary Oliver

anniversary 3

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