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There are occasions when a lot of custom cards are called for all at once.  Father’s Day is one of these.  I’ve discovered that it’s easiest to pick a theme and then mess around with it to arrive at a bunch of unique variations without spending hours entrenched in the designing process.  With Father’s Day cards for my own dad, the dad of my little guy and my guy’s grandfathers all on my plate, this was certainly the occasion to employ such a technique.  I picked an oceany theme (shocking for me, I know) and kept within the same color palette for each card (that way I could work from one bunch of envelopes, see?).  It was easy and fun and yet the end products all remain special unto themselves.  The best of all worlds.  For the best of all dads.

Wishing a wonderful weekend and a very happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there!

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