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 There are only so many years that you can get away with dressing your babe up like a tree elf.  Like maybe two.  So I thought it prudent to seize the opportunity now.I wasn’t exactly sure how the tree elf was going to materialize, I just knew that felt would be a sure ticket to get there.  Felt is my friend.  It transforms beautifully with a pair of scissors and stays that way.  I sketched out some ideas first.  I wanted ease in assembly.  And I wanted cute.  Cute was essential.

I decided on a few different pieces instead of one big suit.  The ease part, you know.  A vest, a pair of wrist cuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs and a hat.

I quickly discovered that everything looks magnificent when adorned with felt oak leaves.  I “veined” many of the leaves with stitching for some nice detail.And the cute factor?  Well Soren pretty much took care of that one…

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I’ll confess that I’ve exhausted myself (at least temporarily) of the whole reversible baby pants marathon.  So with a friend’s new baby requiring a little handmade love from me, I felt it what high time to change things up.  With my own littlest one now 6 months old (!) and busybusybusy with anything that he can get his sweet little paws on, soft baby toys have been a much-loved blessing.  Before Soren was even outside the womb, I was whipping up a whole stack of soft blocks.  Mostly, I was just crazy-nesting and needing to sew, sew, sew.  But also, I was having fun using up all those fabric scraps left over from all those, ahem, baby pants.

I’ve been loving those squishy blocks these days almost as much as little Soren.  For one, they don’t hurt when they come flying at your head.  For two, it seems really satisfying to my babe to be able to squish them so completely between his hands.  And for three, they make a mighty nice teething toy.  They’re quiet.  They’re pretty.  They’re fun to toss.

So.  I thought it would be fun to share our findings with the newest baby on the block.  I’ve spent the past couple of days cutting and sewing little scraps of fabric into soft fish toys.  They go nicely into a bucket.   (They’re as fun to chuck around the room as they are to pile back into the bucket!  We like that in a toy!)  And Ta-Da!  A bucket of fish.  And also some personalized fishy note cards for all that baby correspondence of his.   Babies have a lot of friends, you know.

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The babies are on the way!  This summer will yield two little nieces or nephews as well as a new little boy babe of our own.  As my belly grows rounder by the day, my knitting fingers are itchy to get to work.  This little work-in-progress may or may not produce a masterpiece (I’ve already had to rip it twice and now it’s politely on hold while I work another sweater in the meantime).

I was recently browsing through some images of baby sweaters past and was tickled all over again by the sweetness of those sweaters and the babes they went to- some who are almost five now!  I do so love the felt applique, don’t I?  I’m excited to see what little felt delights await my current projects…

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I saw these super-cute little acorn ornaments in a magazine and wanted them right away.  So it was particularly auspicious that I had both a tin of little felted balls and a berry basket full of acorn caps sitting on my desk.  These little cuties are going to really dress up our Christmas tree this year!

If you want to make your own acorn ornaments, all I did was hammer a nail through the acorn cap to make a hole for some 1/4″ satin ribbon.  Then I used my trusty glue gun to glue in the ends of the ribbon.  Another little squeeze of glue and I fit the felt ball right into the cap.  That’s it.  And if you’re not up for any acorn fun right now but would still love some of these, never fear.  I’ve seen them all over Etsy.  Check out these shops for similar cuties:  Fairy Folk, Green Baboon, and kbuchheit to name just a few.

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Maine April 2009 (34)Over the last year or two, skully hat has served multiple purposes.  He keeps my boy’s head warm.  Quite obviously the main role of a hat.  He keeps Eli’s hair out of his face.  Helpful for a boy who refuses to have his hair cut short and yet won’t be caught dead in a ponytail.  And he looks cute.  Critical, but maybe only from a mama’s perspective.   It’s quite possible that I just knitted skully up real quick without a pattern since I have no recollection of one and I believe it took a year for Eli to grow into.  Yeah, I’m not so good at the measuring thing.    skully mittens 001

Well, skully hat got some friends today.  A pair of toasty skully mittens that don’t require a year for Eli to grow into.  I confess, I measured.  I used a vintage pattern that my Nana had passed on to me many years ago.  With Nana gone now, it was especially sweet to be working on a pattern that had her little notes and stitch counters scratched in the margins.

Skully hat’s skull and crossbones was embroidered on with yarn, but I decided on felt for the mittens.  I’m not particularly brilliant at embroidery and I’m madly in love with felt so it was an easy decision.

skully mittens 002 With frosty mornings for the past few days, my timing (for once) is spot on.  I think skully and friends are going to have some fun this season.

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