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51.  The zip line.

A zip line runs across the backyard of my parents’ house in Maine.  Prior to this summer, in order to even get at the zip line you needed to climb to the top of a ladder precariously leaning against a tall pine.  Once at the top, you needed to pivot around on a space barely bigger than your feet.  Only then could you attempt to get your balance and grab the handlebars before careening down the line and slamming into another pine tree rebounding.  On our last visit; however, Jeff and my Dad constructed a substantial new platform complete with ladder rungs for access.  It’s still a little too scary for some of us, ahem, but it remains a whooping testament to summertime fun.

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22.  The path to the lake.

We have many loved swimming holes.  Some are at home, some are in Maine, but all the lakes worth swimming require a hike in.  The path to the lake is ripe with the anticipation of cool refreshment.  The air gets denser and cooler the closer we get until the woods open up and reveal the true gold:  a dip into smooth, deep, cool waters until, as Eli is fond of saying, “We’re all freshed out.”

23.  The lake.

In addition to being clean and cold, our Maine lakes also come with beautiful surroundings.  Rarely crowded, we often share the lake only with the loons and eagles.

24.  Babies at the beach.

It’s been 7 years since we’ve enjoyed a baby at the beach.  I’m really loving our beach days with Soren.  He’s such a busy,busy guy and the beach provides him with so much new to explore that he’s content to dig and splash for hours.  That in turn gives his mama a much-appreciated intermission from all the chasin’ she is usally doing…

25.  Skipping stones.

Having loved throwing rocks into the water since he was tiny, Eli is now flexing his stone skipping muscles.  “Mama, watch this one!  No, wait!… watch this one!”  I hear over and over again.  Plip, plip, plip, plunk.  The sounds of stones skimming the glassy surface and then plunging down.  It’s the music of summer.

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16.  Swinging.

It’s so youthful and freeing and oh-so-summery to swing under the canopy of old shade trees.  Reaching with bare feet towards the open sky, then swooping back again is just enough thrill for me.  I’m not exactly a roller-coaster-kind-of-girl.  No, I’m a summer-swinging-sort-of-mama who likes the wind in her hair and her toes to the sun and a carefree whooping escaping from her lips.

17. Cartwheels

And while we’re busy whooping and being carefree, what is summer without the spontaneous cartwheel in the grass?   Cartwheels are decidedly more fun when coordinated with someone else.  Double cartwheels. We’re almost ready to join the circus…

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