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37.  Garden bouquets.

Every morning we make the rounds in our little yard and see what is happening.  So much can change in the garden from one summer day to the next.  The little everbearing strawberries that weren’t quite ready yesterday are now quickly seized up by a baby’s chubby pincers and shoved into an eager mouth.  And flowers that had only begun to open are now wide and unfurled towards the sun.  It is such a treat to bring in fresh cut flowers.  They are truly the colors and smells of summer.

38.  Summer rain.

What is more wonderful than the smell of the earth soaking up a good summer rain?  Maybe only playing in it at the end of a hot day….

39.  Compost surprises.

It’s always fun to see what wonders are going to manifest in last years compost.  Squashes tend to always make a showing and we like the mystery in the early summer of what types they will turn out to be.  We’re still not sure about some of them… but this one, to my utmost delight, appears to be a Kabocha!  My favorite winter squash of them all!

40.  The baby backpack.

This old backpack was a hand-me-down when we used it in Eli’s baby days.  And while we did upgrade for Soren, the good ol’ tried-and-true backpack still lives on.  It stays with my parents in Maine just waiting for a baby to visit.  I love the comfort and history of this well-worn pack.  It’s blessed with many, many a happy hiking memory and still provides the perfect perch for a little one to take in the summery views of mountains and sea.

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The spring garden was planted several weeks ago now when the trees were still bare and the air was cool.  We reap so much fruit and veggie goodness from our weekly CSA boxes (starting in June) that our goal with our little home vegetable plot is plant what we don’t get in our boxes or anything that we want more of.  This year’s spring crops include carrots of different colors (Dragon and Yellowstone varieties, both new to us this year.  We’re so excited about red and yellow carrots!), bunching onions, snap peas, mesclun and watermelon radishes (cannot wait for those!).

Growing things, growing food is such a satisfying yearly ritual.  Our tiny little garden in our tiny little yard yields us such a tremendous amount of joy.  It hardly seems proportional.  And the joy has already begun…

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…taking inspiration from SouleMama in celebrating {this moment}.    There are no words to this Friday ritual.  Just a sweet and simple moment from the week to remember, cherish and absorb just a little bit longer.

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