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So I agreed to showcase my work at a local fundraising event.  This meant, in theory, that I had the opportunity to reach out to some new customers and make a healthy amount of sales.  It meant, in practice, that I needed to generate some serious volume in a short window of time (a short window for a busy mama, anyway).  What’s nice about generating a lot of a particular something, I have rediscovered, is getting into a groove where it all flows nicely.  It’s a kind of bliss to busy myself with cutting and scoring while the printer drones on with the next round of cards.  A nice, well-timed chain of operations for this one-woman show.  Like it.

Anyway, here’s the result of my busy weeks.  I did a mock-up table display at home and then my folks took the show on the road.   I spent the night at home doing the mama-thing (the whole baby-who-drinks-from-his-mama-but-won’t-touch-a-bottle thing) while my good parents manned my booth for me at the event.  Love them.

It is so hugely satisfying to put a month’s worth of effort out onto display.  It makes me feel, I dare say, pretty darn productive.  And oh how I love that the result of my production is beautiful little bits of paper for people to write on.  For people to reach out to one another through the timeless and hearty thing called correspondence.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.

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