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I know it’s summer when herbal things abound around my house.  I have catnip drying, comfrey oil steeping, and flower waters infusing all simultaneously.  This time of year is so abundantly wonderful!

The comfrey oil is a concoction of the healthiest leaves and flowers from my comfrey plants, first wilted a bit and then covered in extra virgin olive oil.  This mixture sits on a sunny porch step for two weeks, gets filtered of the old plant material and then gets another two-week round of fresh comfrey parts.  This yields a wonderfully potent medicinal oil that will be used to make salves and ointments for fast healing of cuts and scrapes.

The catnip gets dried in an out-of-the-sun location (my pantry seems to work perfectly for this) and then chopped up and jarred for winter use in teas.  Catnip tea cools a fever, soothes the nerves and, when frozen into pops, is the perfect remedy for a teething baby.

My floral waters are a mixture of 3 parts distilled water to 1 part witch hazel.  The flowers steep in this mixture on a shady shelf for two weeks (I add the freshly opened blooms as they appear daily) and then get strained and put into little spray bottles for me to use as a facial toners.

So much herby goodness abounding and it’s just the beginning of the season….

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