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Maine April 2009 (34)Over the last year or two, skully hat has served multiple purposes.  He keeps my boy’s head warm.  Quite obviously the main role of a hat.  He keeps Eli’s hair out of his face.  Helpful for a boy who refuses to have his hair cut short and yet won’t be caught dead in a ponytail.  And he looks cute.  Critical, but maybe only from a mama’s perspective.   It’s quite possible that I just knitted skully up real quick without a pattern since I have no recollection of one and I believe it took a year for Eli to grow into.  Yeah, I’m not so good at the measuring thing.    skully mittens 001

Well, skully hat got some friends today.  A pair of toasty skully mittens that don’t require a year for Eli to grow into.  I confess, I measured.  I used a vintage pattern that my Nana had passed on to me many years ago.  With Nana gone now, it was especially sweet to be working on a pattern that had her little notes and stitch counters scratched in the margins.

Skully hat’s skull and crossbones was embroidered on with yarn, but I decided on felt for the mittens.  I’m not particularly brilliant at embroidery and I’m madly in love with felt so it was an easy decision.

skully mittens 002 With frosty mornings for the past few days, my timing (for once) is spot on.  I think skully and friends are going to have some fun this season.

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