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16.  Swinging.

It’s so youthful and freeing and oh-so-summery to swing under the canopy of old shade trees.  Reaching with bare feet towards the open sky, then swooping back again is just enough thrill for me.  I’m not exactly a roller-coaster-kind-of-girl.  No, I’m a summer-swinging-sort-of-mama who likes the wind in her hair and her toes to the sun and a carefree whooping escaping from her lips.

17. Cartwheels

And while we’re busy whooping and being carefree, what is summer without the spontaneous cartwheel in the grass?   Cartwheels are decidedly more fun when coordinated with someone else.  Double cartwheels. We’re almost ready to join the circus…

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6.  Lemonade stands.  Or smoothie stands as the case may be here.  The hustle and bustle of a bunch of busy little entrepreneurs readying for their first sale is as refreshing to me as the “nice refreshing ice cold smoothie” itself.

They made $6 and change today and are working on their logo tonight before re-opening in the morning with renewed vigor and a marketing plan.  Love it.

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5.  Rolling down grassy hillsides…

and climbing back up to do it all over again. And again.  And again.

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…taking inspiration from SouleMama in celebrating {this moment}.    There are no words to this Friday ritual.  Just a sweet and simple moment from the week to remember, cherish and absorb just a little bit longer.

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I know the dilemma of how to get kids to eat their vegetables is nothing new.  There are millions of picky eaters out there.  I just never expected my kid to be one of them.  I’m a mama who has been known to eat kale for breakfast.  I’m in love with vegetables.  All of them.   Okay fine, turnips aren’t my most favorite, but I will still eat them.  Really it has felt like a not-very-funny joke that it’s my boy who won’t eat a single vegetable.

The past few years I’ve gotten very tricky about how I get his vegetables into him.  They get pureed and baked into just about everything (chocolate zucchini cake, anyone?).  They get made into pasta (sweet potato gnocchi is a bit hit around here).  And slipped into smoothies (it’s nothing short of miraculous that beets can go totally undetected in a berry smoothie).  But I’ve never lost the desire to see him actually nosh down something green in a form true to its own vegetal nature.

So you can surely share in my delight when I exclaim that Eli, as it turns out, is a forager by nature.  He will glad eat anything that is wild and edible.  Dandelion greens?  Check.  Violet and nasturtium blossoms.  Most definitely.  Herbs of any kind.  And now, thank my lucky stars, he’ll pick the mesclun that he planted in the garden early this spring and actually, you know, eat it.  Not in a salad or anything.  Heavens, no.  You can’t mix things all up like that, Mama.  But Eli will sit and eat, leaf by leaf, petal by petal, a dinner plate of freshly foraged green things.  Green things, people!  My son is eating green things!

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someone is six

How did we already go from this…Birthday Eli 0 (1)

…to this?

eli copy

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ode to the road

roads 001roads 002roads 003roads 004

There are so many incarnations of the road.  Scraps from mama’s paper drawer get taped and lined, trails are made in the dirt with small bulldozers, the patterned lines on a knit blanket become a busy intersection.  Roads get drawn in crayon and pencil and chalk.  Roads get uncovered in books and rugs and patio stones.  All to give these miniature vehicles the means to go somewhere.

What I find so marvelous and refreshing is that every new road, whether created or discovered, is met with the same crisp excitement.  “Mama, you’ve got to check out this road!…”

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