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4.  Eating flowers every night.

Nasturtiums add such peppery zip to our salads, but really it’s the color that I love.  And, well, the delicacy of it.  It feels so fresh and fancy to be eating flowers.  We have lots of other lovely flowering edibles abounding in our yard as well… violets, rose petals, herb blossoms.  Our salads can be a confetti of color.  Oh, the abundance of summer!  Not only do we have all those delicious greens, leafy and ready for our consumption, but we can decorate them.  With flowers.  Yes.  Oh, yes.

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chive vinegar 4chive vinegar 1chive vinegar 5chive vinegar 7chive vinegar 2Pungent, but so pretty, these vinegars were  a delight to make.  I gathered up chive blossoms in abundance along with bits of purple and varigated sage for the first batch.  I cooked up the vinegar to near boiling and then poured it into  jars stuffed with the beautiful blossoms and herbs.  The next batch became nasturtium-thyme.  My nasturtiums this year are the heirloom variety ‘Alaska’.  The plants bubble over their pretty varigated foliage with red, orange and yellow blooms.  I love how the different colors of the blossoms infuse the vinegar with varying levels of peach, orange and red.  Together the bottles all look like the most gorgeous sunset.

I made up some tags, tied them on with ribbon, and now these dashing vinegars are ready to give as hostess gifts at this party or that bbq throughout the summer.

Oh, and they taste really good.  As far as vinegars go, you know.  They’ll make  worthy and punchy contributions to plenty of marinades and dressings.

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