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Eliza, or Auntie, as my youngest sister is most frequently referred to, lives in western Massachusetts.  This is just close enough that she can come for a visit on her day off and still make it home in time for dinner.  And it is just far away enough to make an outing with Auntie really special.

outing with auntie 003outing with auntie 004Our Auntie outing was spent at our favorite places… our swimming hole and Tangerini farm.  The swimming hole is deep and clear and cool.  You can walk for miles on the trails that circle the reservoir and find your own little secret spot to slip into the water.  The farm has the allure of delicious ice cream, berry picking, friendly goats and a crazy hay maze that I’m too scared to go in.outing with auntie 008outing with auntie 011The hay maze is pitch black and just wide enough for an adult to squeeze through.  I guess there is fun to be had in shimmying and feeling your way through damp hay.  It was fun had by Eli and Eliza while I waited outside in the sunshine, but see, that’s why she’s the Auntie.outing with auntie 015

outing with auntie 014Auntie showed us how to make a little treat for the goats that she calls a goat burrito.  A nice wide leaf of plantain wrapped around a wad of clover and bam!, we had three new best friends.outing with auntie 018Were you lucky enough to have an aunt or uncle like this?   Someone who devoted time to you as a child, who actually played with you while the rest of the grown-ups were talking boring.  Someone who was just responsible enough to be a good role model, but just inappropriate enough to be really, really fun.  I so wish an Auntie for everyone.

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