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These breezy postcards were recently designed as save-the-date cards for my friend Lisa, a bold and brassy world traveler that I met in 5th grade Spanish class.  25 years later (yeah, we’re old…) and I can dust off some of that old Spanish now.  See that’s the beauty of having a friend as your client.  You actually get to attend the festivites .  Woohoo!

Lisa pretty much handed the design reigns over to me entirely for this project (a designer’s creative dream, really).  All she  requested was to convey a sense of the beautiful place where her wedding was to be held and to celebrate her & her finance’s love for travel.  And she wanted postcards.  No envelopes.  So I took that little bit of info ran with it.  Although I didn’t really have far to run.  Lisa & John had taken a save-the-date beach shot when they were in Troncones on an earlier trip and that naturally served as the perfect snapshot for the postcard front.  The postcard then became a jazzed up version of a traditional postcard (and what really celebrates a love for world travel more than a postcard anyway?) with just a bit of color thrown in for punch.

I’m really loving the result (although not nearly as much as I’m going to love a warm Mexican beach in December…).

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