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Such a simple and satisfying little project.  I love soft blocks.  I get to use up lots of little odds and ends of favorite fabric and make a pretty and practical little toy at the same time.   This batch of blocks was for baby Fiona (recipient of the Sweater Slippers) but since I know first hand how awesome they are to have kickin’ around, I feel extra good about this little gift.

I made soft blocks for Soren way back when (isn’t it amazing how 18 months feels like it stretches back to forever ago?).  Full of fluff and some little jingly bells to boot, these blocks worked well for all ages of babyhood.  Now, when my active toddler wants to play catch with his bro, or you know, just chuck something across the room, it’s nice that that something doesn’t leave a dent in the wall (or someone’s head for that matter).  It’s also nice that it jingles while it pops his brother in the face.  Soft blocks span the ages, see?

I hope Fiona agrees that they’re as good for chomping on at 3 months as they are for clobbering your brother with at 18 months.  Oh Fiona, there is so much fun in store for you….

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