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8. Hiking.

Hiking any time of the year is invigorating, but the summer sun and ocean breezes call us every year to Acadia National Park.  There we spend plenty of time exploring, enjoying sweeping vistas and inhaling big gulps of air scented with balsam and sea.

9. Bike riding.

When you need a good breeze there’s nothing like a summer bike ride.  All the better when you have the whole beach parking lot to yourself…

10.  Rosa Rugosa.

I’ve always loved the sweet  smell of salty beach roses.  Maybe I love them because they adorn my favorite seashores, lining boardwalks and beach roads with a hefty peppering of pink.  Or maybe I love them because in their scrappy wildness, they always smell a bit more lovely and intense than my cultivated roses at home.

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I am keenly aware of how often I wax on about summer swimming.  For me it is the absolute highlight of all my summer activities.  It is the sweetest dessert on summer’s abundant plate.  And like dessert, it’s special.   It’s not something we get all the time, so when it is plentiful, I’m all for heartily indulging.  And knowing that the autumn breezes are already beginning to sweep in, I feel okay about a few more props to my cherished watery adventures.

Sooo…  one wonderfully steamy day in Maine not so very long ago, the only goal for the day was to swim.  This quickly evolved into the swimming project, with the objective being to swim in as many different bodies of water as possible.IMG_2786We began with the ocean, which only Eli and I were bold enough to walk right on into.  And, if I might toot my own horn for a moment, it was only I who fully immersed myself and actually swam in the 55 degree water.  It really was cold enough to stun your heart, I think.  Needless to say, my swim was short, but I felt awfully good emerging into the baking sunshine afterward.IMG_2807Next we worked up a sweat discovering a hidden lake tucked into the outer parts of Acadia National Park.  The sparkling water was soothing and clean and surrounded by dense pine forests.  IMG_2857And lastly, we hiked into a quiet brookside trail and dunked into the chilly water among trickling waterfalls and mossy banks.

Swimming, I think, is my longest and truest love.  A summer-loving piscean has a yearning for water.   So a day with three spectacularly beautiful, unique swimming spots just might top the list as my best day ever.  May all projects be so refreshing.

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