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2. Overflowing window boxes.  Climbing up, spilling over the sides, a variety of color and texture, flowers and foliage.  I like to cram them full and admire the overflow all summer long.

3.  Ice cream.  Obviously.  And even better when eaten at our favorite farm.

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It is such a joy to plant my window boxes each spring.  A new combination of colors and textures, petals and leaves every year.  This year yellow violas, muscari and lilac-colored osteomums hopped very willingly into my boxes.  Come summer when the violas are growing leggy from the heat and the muscari have gone their merry way, I’ll leave the mums (which should be happy as little clams all summer long) and add some fresh new faces.  For now, I’m appreciating the springy-ness of everything and loving the heck out of these beautiful and bursting little boxes.

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