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So it’s a yearly tradition for me to make a wreath for the door.  Okay fine, I don’t really make the wreath.  The evergreen wreath part I buy from our neighborhood boy scout.  The decorating of the wreath, that’s what I like to do.

Years ago, I worked for a couple of seasons at a garden shop.  It was one of those open-air garden centers with a couple of greenhouses and small outbuildings.  It was a pleasure to work at in the warm months, but come November when my fingers were too numb to work a pair of shears, I was wishing for some warmer employment.  The owner made a decent holiday business selling trees, greenery and Christmas wreaths.  That’s where the story gets good.  She let me have a go at the wreath making (ahem, wreath decorating) one day.  I was nestled in the sunny, warm greenhouse with a whole bunch of wreaths and beautiful greenery and left to my own creative devices.  It was heaven!  I’d layer on various and lovely combinations of cedar and juniper, holly and pepper berries, white pine and hemlock.  I had barrels of different types of pine cones to choose from and a whole wall full of ribbon choices.  I was teased by the other employees as they would dip into the greenhouse now and then as a respite from freezing fingers and toes, ” Oh, so you’re a deeesigner now”.  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my new status and wreath making has since become a favorite seasonal activity.  My choices might be a bit more limited now that I don’t have a garden center’s worth of inventory, but every year I find a nice smattering of natural goodies.  And every year my holiday wreath proudly adorns our front door.

This year all of my wreath findings came right from our yard.  I pruned a few boughs off our arborvitae, gathered up copious amounts of black haw berries from our bushes, clipped those pretty pink flowers off our front hedges (I feel slightly sheepish to admit that I’ve lived here for five years and still haven’t looked up the type of shrubbery we have.  If anyone recognizes it, please feel free to enlighten me…) and trimmed plenty of dried-up hydrangea blossoms off the plants that never got their fall clean up.

The end result pleases me immensely.  There’s enough color to be festive and interesting (and compliment our cranberry-colored door), but the wreath still looks natural.  I was feeling mighty high on my wreath-making talents when I hung the finished product and then shut (okay fine, slammed) the front door and half of my goodies fell off onto the doorstep.  Just a humble little reminder that there’s always room for improvement.  Even for a deesigner….

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