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Somebody around here lost his first tooth!   More accurately, someone around here knocked his face on a table and then wiggled a little tooth around for a week or so before he yanked it out at breakfast.  This is my first experience dealing with wiggly and fallen teeth since my own baby teeth went their merry way.  Okay, I’ll be honest.   It’s gross.  The whole thing grosses me out.  Those little waggling teeth just hanging there until they come out in a bloody mess.  Eww. It also didn’t help that when Eli proudly showed our neighbor his missing tooth, our neighbor (who apparently was a mad hockey player back in the day)  pulled out his dentures and said, “Look Eli, I LOST MY TEETH TOO!” tooth pillow 002The upside obviously is this.  And the little whistle that Eli makes when he talks now.

tooth pillow 001And this cute tooth pillow.  Eli can safely tuck his little teeth in the pocket and mama fairy can slip in some shiny surprise.  I gave it a little handle so it can easily hang over a doorknob or a bedpost.

tooth pillow 003Eli knows it’s me who plays the role of tooth fairy.  But he also knows that his mama has a touch of fairy swirling around in her somewhere.  Wings and all.

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