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A lot of little valentines have tumbled through this studio of mine the past few weeks.  It’s always a joy for me to make cards and maybe it’s even a bit of an extra thrill to make tiny ones and package them up all sweet.  A lot of paper hearts were punched.  This pretty paper confetti was designed to sprinkle throughout each small glassine envelope that houses a valentine.  It makes me giddy to think of all the little ones out there exchanging fishy and octopus valentines today with little paper hearts sprinkling all around.  Aside from shop orders, family valentines were also made and mailed.  I really cherish any opportunity to send mail.  It’s a bonus if I get to put my babe’s photos on it too.

And I can’t think about mail without thinking about my little penpal.  Every letter starts off with a pet name.  Our pet names for each other have run the gamut in our 14 years of weekly (more or less…) letters.  I really like whiskerlicious.  Muffin-top is good too.  Over the years we’ve come up with some delightfully silly equations to arrive at suitable pet names.  Becca’s equation is to take a household object and add something soft:  bucket + fluff = bucket fluff.  The equation that I often use is:  something sweet +  a body part.   This results in the wonderfully ridiculous cupcake-head and honey-bum.  My favorite is pie face.  Use your discretion, of course.  Not everyone thinks it is darling to be called candy-butt, though Becca, I suspect, would quite like it.  And obviously, despite it’s being a household object, never use the word toilet with anything.

Valentine’s Day is such a perfect opportunity to exercise a pet name equation, but really any day will do.  If you’re so inspired today, pick up a pen and write a little note to a special spoon-pillow or sugar-foot.  It will make you feel good, it will make a friend feel good, and it’s easy as pie.  Or pie face.

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I am a total force to be reckoned with in the arena of baby pants making.  I’ve been over the moon for Anna Maria Horner’s Quick Change Trousers from her Handmade Beginnings for some time now.  The pants fit really well and are so comfortable (well okay, they look comfortable on my baby, but as they don’t fit me I really can’t know this for sure) and so amazingly adorable.  But the very best part is that I get to use up to four different fabrics per pair of pants if I want to!  For a fabric addict, this is very, very good news.  Reversible pants have made many a gift so far and there are more in the making.  My own Soren has already outgrown the tiniest pants I made him, but this only gives mama more fabrics to pick out and more pants to sew.  Yay!  The reversible thing has really been working for me.  I can sew three pairs of pants and get six pairs out of it!  Win-Win!

So while on this reversible baby pants kick, I was looking to make a nice gift for some friends to go with some jars of homemade jam.  Hence, a set of reversible napkins made out of some gorgeous linen fabric by Echino with Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry on the reverse.  Now our friends can flip their dinner napkins around to suit their fancy, match their meal (unlikely, but funny) or to just display the least grungy side outwards (less funny, but a lot more likely).

Really, this kick has got me thinking that most things could be made more fun, more lovely and more practical by being reversible.  And maybe we could all do a whole lot less laundry….

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Two-year-olds are a wealth of fantastically funny quips and quirky bits of knowledge and so naturally we parents like to jot down these little jewels when we get a chance.  These baby journals are really the same screw-post albums that I’ve been making over the past year or so.  They’re filled with upcycled ledger sheets (no one needs these anymore at Jeff’s work and so they come home in quantity for me) and old grading books (no one is using these anymore either and mom is a recently retired school teacher) and plenty of pretty papers to boot.  I imagine that along with lists of funny expressions, little photos could be adhered to the decorative papers and little drawings done on the blank pages.  At the end of it all (and there are so many many pages before the end of these albums) lies a darling little keepsake full of all the cute and sweet that begs to be remembered.  These were made for other babes, but with 5 months already logged,  Soren is going to require his own album before too long.  I’ll need to capture every drip of adorable and every drop funny of that springs from the mouth of my own little babe….

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