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My sister Eliza made me this fabulous pair of leather earrings.  They were made in beautiful colors shaped like leaves, long and layered.  I feel fun, fancy and slightly exotic when I wear them.  And who doesn’t need some more of that?

A few scrap pieces of leather,  a nice sharp pair of scissors,  some earring hooks and a pair of round nose pliers were all it took to make a mess of lovely earrings.  Some are leaf-like, some maybe more like feathers.  All are earthy and warm in shades of brown and black.  I experimented with stitching on some of them.

There are two girls down the street  who come over to hang out with Eli, play with Soren, eat homemade baked goods and do a lot of crafting in my office.  They were over-the-moon for these earrings.  Scissors were snipping, tiny pieces of leather were flying and there was a whole lot of happy chatter going on.  The 11-yr-old made herself a pair of white leather heart earrings around which she painstaking stitched a purple border.  So cute.

Since the earrings were such an easy joy to make, and since they were eagerly adored by the young-girl sector, I packaged some up as gifts for a young friend of ours who recently had a birthday.  She got her own little set of leather feather earrings and I so hope she’ll feel all the fun and fancy in the world when she wears them.

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My little niece just had a big birthday.  One of those fancy ones where the numbers line up.  Her 7th birthday on the 7th of March.  Having fully experienced the rambunctious joy of a 7th on the 7th back in August with my Eli, I knew it was time to pull out all the stops.   This little girl was going to get 7 presents!

I knew I wanted to get her a book on sewing and Emma Hardy’s Sewing for Children looked like just the thing.  It’s full of plenty of projects at various levels of difficulty for her to sink her little needle and thread into.  I decided to pick a few different projects from the book and supply her with all the materials needed for her to dive right in.  In addition, I provided the budding seamstress with a set of needles, pins, homemade pin cushion and a handful of colorful embroidery floss.

The fun part was wrapping it all up.  I ordered her 7 gifts so that needles would be opened first and the book would be opened last.  Everything in between added to the unfolding puzzle of what to do with all this weird stuff from Aunt Heather.  Inspired by the Alexander Henry fabric, Farmdale Crossing Chickens, used in her pin cushion (and also provided for her tote bag project) and equally infatuated with my happy new chicken notecards, chickens became a sort of packaging theme.   She got tags, a birthday card and a mailing label to boot.  All plucky and clucky for the birthday girl’s big 7.  She also has, Eli and I had to note, SEVEN letters in her name.  Wow.  Fancy birthay times 7.

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I always go all-out when putting together birthday packages for those I love and I really, really love my friend Jessica.  Jessica is someone who from hundreds of miles away can intuit what I need exactly.  She’s sent me cozy things to wrap me up, books to nourish and support me and encouraging letters that remind me how amazingly loved I am.  All when I needed it most.  So naturally when her 35th birthday rolled around, it was time for a particularly fabulous package.

I usually always try to pass along a good book in a birthday package to Jessica.  She’s one of those friends who doesn’t care a wink if the book is used or worn or if I happened to read it first before sending it (I love that about her!).  So a good summer read got wrapped up right away in tissue and tied with a shiny satin ribbon.  Next I got to work on a special book.  Jessica got a journal of her very own from me last year, but this time around she was wanting a space to record all of her young son’s sayings and doings to remember for years to come.  And finally I came across the perfect necklace for Jessica while perusing Etsy.  It was the color of sea and sky and instantly reminded me of my blue-loving friend.

To make the package really fancy, I let the theme of the album dictate the design of the gift tags and birthday card.  It was just a miraculous coincidence that I had tissue paper and ribbon to match it all up.

A beautiful package shipped off to a beautiful friend who deserves to be so celebrated…

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