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thank you notes 001This was the celebratory sign at Eli’s birthday party.  Eli’s sweet silhouette from a favorite photo of mine seems to work so well within the design; like he’s gazing up into the adventures of his sixth year.  This was no photoshop silhouette.  This was the old-fashioned scissors, brown paper and snip-snip-snip silhouette.  thank you notes 002I’ve been drawn to any project lately that gets me seated in my favorite spot on the porch with my little paper scissors in hand.  Cutting is so meditative.  I like the combination of gentle production within a calm mind.  So, I snipped my peaceful way into a stack of after-party thank you notes.thank you notes 003Now I’m not really one for perfect etiquette in most regards.  My elbows are often on the dinner table and I’m still not clear on which side of the napkin I’m supposed to wipe my mouth.  But thank you notes I’ve always held in high esteem.thank you notes 004

The thank you note encourages graciousness in the receiving.  It’s a way of briefly showing appreciation for the person and the thought behind the gift.  I think it feels really good on both ends.  Besides, it’s just another fabulous excuse to make someone’s day with a pretty piece of mail.  And obvioulsy I’m all about pretty mail…

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